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Chewy Chocolate Bars

Another recipe so soon, I know! I won a cookbook giveaway a few months ago and I received a bunch of products from various vegan brands including some chocolate from California Gourmet. They have yummy chocolate products that are vegan and soy-free. They sent me the chocolate I'm using in this recipe but they did not pay me for this post or any shout outs. I never win Instagram giveaways before now but I actually won two giveaways so far this year. I buy all different brands of non dairy chocolate so I really can't recommend one specific one. Try the high cacao chocolate in the store that you frequent the most and see if you like it-then you can always buy it :)

This recipe was so easy because I just melted the chocolate and added more ingredients. If you want to make your own chocolate bars but don't want to make the chocolate from scratch, just melt some. It's easy and you can support your favorite brands.

1 cup of melted vegan chocolate
1/2 cup of non dairy milk
2 tbsp of pecans
1/4 cup of raisins
Sea salt to taste

Melt the chocolate and milk in a small saucepan on very low heat and stir frequently. You want to melt the chocolate until smooth and the milk will keep it thinned out. Sometimes chocolate clumps and becomes difficult to stir. Just put the heat on low. Pour into bar molds. I made 4 bars. Press raisins into each bar-add as many as you wish. Top the bars with pecans and sea salt. Freeze then eat right out of the freezer.

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