Homemade Creamy Cashew Milk

Happy October! My favorite season is well on its way. Ever since I bought my Nutribullet, I've been an expert at making creamy cashew milk. I mean, it's the best milk ever. It tastes delish and it has a rich consistency, I am craving it almost everyday. I figured out a way to make it quickly even if you haven't soaked your cashews overnight. Have no fear, make it as soon as you get home from the grocery store, make it at any time and you will have super creamy cashew milk in minutes.

My Nutribullet comes with its own cup since the cup is what you blend everything in so that made it easy to store. The nutribullet is also better at blending ingredients into a smooth consistency, moreso then my last blender so it does super well with cashews (and kale, it's actually blends kale very well!). So, once the cashew are ready, you will have creamy milk in no time.

Lately, I've used this milk in my smoothies and in making my pumpkin spice latte (previous post). I usually get about 2-3 lattes out of it before I need to make more milk. I only use a little bit of cashews at once since my blender is only so big.

1 cup of soaked cashews
3 cups of filtered water

Soak your cashews overnight if you have the time. If you are short on time and need milk now, boil the cashews in hot water on your stove for a few minutes. Strain and rinse with cold water. Put the cashews in your blend with the 3 cups of water and blend until very smooth. Strain the milk through a strainer (it should only leave a little bit of sediment in the strainer) then store in a container in your fridge. I strain my milk a few times.

When I was testing this recipe, I made my milk with way less water and it had a lot of sediment and ended up being too thick. So, use enough water so that the milk is creamy but not sludgy. You can also add maple syrup or soaked dates to sweeten the milk but lately I love unsweetened milk. Happy milk making!!