4 Ingredient Caramel Oatmeal Cookies

I started my 30 day trial of Prime Pantry and I ordered dates so of course I had to make caramel. These aren't the decadent medjool dates from Trader Joe's but the smaller California dates that are perfect for raw desserts. I'm trying a new thing this year-buying everything I need to eat from the farmers market and buying staples like rice and beans on Amazon. That way most of my money is spent on greens, potatoes, tomatoes and fruit from local, organic farms. Plus it's just too hot sometimes to lug bags from the grocery store in the sweltering heat!

This caramel came out awesome because I used more dates than almond butter. Usually I use too much almond butter so the caramel is more runny but this time I only used a little and I also soaked the dates. It was such a delicious version of caramel and these cookies were easy and ended up decadent. Once you get the caramel recipe down, you can make caramel for anything and just add the other ingredients like melted chocolate and an oat crust. I didn't have chocolate so the caramel is the big hit with these cookies.

3/4 cups of quick cook oats
1/4 cup of almond butter
1/2 cup of dates
A few splashes of non dairy milk

1 cup of dates, soaked
1/4 cup of almond butter

Make the crust first. Put everything in your food processor except the milk and process. Add a few splashes of milk to form the crust and once it's sticky, it's done. Press the crust into square bar molds; I filled 6 molds with crust.

Make the caramel now. Put the ingredients in your food processor and process until it's a dark brown super sticky caramel. Add more almond butter if you need it. Put the caramel on top of 3 of the bars. This recipe will make alot of caramel so load up the bars with caramel. Put the remaining crusts on top of the caramel and freeze the bars.

I froze the bars for a few hours then put them in the fridge...of course I ate a few in between transferring from the freezer to the fridge. These make 3 big oatmeal cookies that can easily be cut into 6 smaller cookies.