Chocolate Oat Krispy Bars

Sometimes the best recipes come about when you mess up another one. These were no exception. I'm writing this a week and a half after I made these so I forget what original recipe I was trying to make but these happened and they are pretty awesome. I made these with and without chocolate but I think the chocolate wins so I'm writing out the chocolate recipe. I was aways so-so with rice krispy treats when I wasn't vegan; I didn't seek them out but they were good when I ate them. So here is a vegan version without marshmallows or butter.

Brown rice syrup is amazing. Get it on sale because it's pricey but it's such an awesome sweetener for recipes and it's excellent at holding recipes together. I've made quite a few desserts with brown rice syrup and the finished product was chewy and gooey and delish. You can use cocoa powder for this recipe but I used chocolate protein powder for the added sweetener and protein punch. It's cool to experiment with different protein powders and it's important to find one you love.

I just finished a Pilates workout and I'm home for Christmas so banging out this recipe is perfect timing since I may step away from the laptop as much as I can. Check out my two previous recipes; they are a great addition to your holiday table and everyone will love them.

1.5 cups of quick cook oats
1 scoop of chocolate protein powder
3/4-1 cup of brown rice syrup

Mix all the ingredients by hand in a large bowl; you may need to use her hands and not a spoon because the mixture will be super sticky and gooey. You can wet your hands with water first so the batter doesn't stick to them as much. Mix everything until all the ingredients are blended especially the oats. Press the batter into about 5-6 bars molds or press all of the batter into a small glass dish and refrigerate overnight. Take out of the fridge and serve; the bars will be chewy and should stay in bar form for a little bit. Always store leftovers in the fridge.