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How To Add Greens to Every Meal

I swear my skin looks better when I push the greens. Any inflammation or redness always seems to go away when I load up on the kale or spinach. It could just be my imagination or the body healing itself but I am convinced the vitamins and antioxidants in greens are responsible for my skin improvement. And even if that isn't true, you can't ever go wrong eating kale. Besides, it's delicious and an incredible tasty addition to your meal.

I love eating greens with a little sea salt and lemon juice sprinkled on them-especially kale. I love adding spinach to my buddha bowls. Greens are healthy and yummy and you can dress them up or just eat plain. It's just that, you can't open up your cupboard and grab some spinach; it has to be steamed and prepared in some way. Which is why it's easier to reach for dates and peanut butter or a protein bar. I definitely load up on the greens but I also don't consistently eat enough. Which got me thinking just how easy it is, with some preparation and planning, to eat a green at every meal.

Here are ways, just off the top of my head, that you can eat a green for breakfast, lunch and dinner:

Throw a handful of spinach in your chocolate morning smoothie
Add some kale or broccoli to your salad at lunch
Steam some kale, top with sea salt, lemon juice and hemp seeds for a side dish at dinner

I linked some of my favorite past recipes below to make it easier for you to just click and prepare. Or just search greens in the search box above.

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Greens are full of calcium, protein and fiber. They have antioxidants, amazing vitamins and minerals and are low calorie, nutrient dense foods. That being said, it may surprise some people that vegans can be remiss in getting all of their greens. You can be a junk food, high sugar vegan and never eat a green in your life. Making vegetables a regular, consistent part of your lifestyle takes effort; you need to form a habit, make a conscious effort to add these amazing plants to your plate...and put down the peanut butter. Nothing wrong with pb but, at least for me, it's easier to eat too much of that than to steam a green.

Make a ton of greens this Thanksgiving and try to make them most of your plate. When you buy your meatless roast or load up on the sweet potato casserole, also load up on the veggies, You will leave the table satisfied but not bloated and stuffed. Trust me, you will thank yourself the next day.

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