Two Ingredient Caramels

The sweetener for this recipe is critical as is the temperature with which it must be when making these caramels. It's the simplest recipe ever and these caramels are pretty insane. I lost another 2 pounds so I'm treating myself. I'm also running 10 miles on Sunday in record heat so...comfort food.

I made these in Christmas candy molds. They are the only small caramel sized molds I have and had I planned better I would have bought Halloween molds. But the Christmas present molds look like square caramels so it's all good. You mix the two ingredients by hand, scoop into the molds and freeze. You could make batches and batches of these caramels in very little time.

The two ingredients are peanut butter and coconut palm sugar that is refrigerated a while. Or brown rice syrup. No other liquid sweetener will work. You need a thicker, slower moving liquid sweetener for these caramels to work. Coconut palm syrup becomes more of a liquid at room temperature so definitely refrigerate it a while.

Oh, some non food news. I downloaded the new Tori Amos album, Native Invader, and not only is it awesome but I'm also going to see her live in November. A day before I leave for England to visit my lovely friends. So psyched. Anyway, there is a song called Climb that is rocking my world. I can't stop listening to it. Overall, I love the album. It's haunting and sometimes sad but wonderful tuneage to meditate to.

This recipe....Mix together 1/2 cup of natural peanut butter and 5 tbsp of refrigerated coconut palm sugar or brown rice syrup and mix well. You will have a much sweeter taste with the coconut palm syrup because the brown rice syrup is subtler. Mix by hand in a small bowl until the ingredients are mixed well. The consistency will be thick, sweet caramel. Add more liquid sweetener if you need the caramel to be thicker. Taste the mixture and see if it's to your liking. Scoop into little candy molds and then freeze. After just an hour, the caramels will be super chewy and delish. Keep frozen until you serve and even then serve when people are ready to consume.