Chocolate Walnut Fudge Bars can you tell I'm back to chocolate and peanut butter recipes now? That was a quick break! Oh yeah and you have to make the adzuki bean recipe that is before this one. It's a way different recipe than what I've been posting but it's a hearty, healthy dinner and a great meal to make in bulk and freeze. But now for dessert....the batter for these is already fudge in your food processor so after I freeze them I expect them to be rich and chewy. I just popped 4 bars in the freezer and sat down to quickly get the recipe down here.

I originally made these with avocado which is awesome but I didn't have an avo. These bars are just a few ingredients, surprisingly low in calorie and you probably have all the ingredients in your kitchen now. All you need is your food processor and some bar molds.

1/2 cup of natural peanut butter
2 heaping tablespoons of cocoa powder
2 tsp of vanilla extract
3 tbsp of maple syrup
1/4 cup of non dairy milk
A pinch of sea salt
Walnut Pieces

Add all ingredients except the milk, sea salt and walnuts to your food processor. Add the milk slowly until the batter thickens. The batter will be thick and fudgy; you don't want it to be runny but you want it to move. Scoop into bar molds, smooth over and sprinkle the sea salt on top and put a few walnut pieces on top. Freeze for a few hours or overnight. This recipe made 6 bars. Feel free to double the batch and make more and freeze for later.

Notes: leave off the walnuts or top with other nuts or hemp seeds. Use another sweetener; you can even use a non liquid sweetener. Use another nut butter. Make more bars by using less batter for each bar. This makes each bar fewer calories.