Coffee Oats

Oatmeal is my go-to breakfast. I also love why not combine them? This is a strong, sweet version of oatmeal so you definitely need to love coffee. You can still add any toppings you wish, chocolate, peanut butter, they all work well with coffee flavor. Oatmeal is the BEST start to your day!

My mom likes her oatmeal with just cinnamon. I admire that. It's simple and low cal. My oatmeal has everything under the sun in it. It's definitely a big, joyful meal when I make oatmeal which is why I love it. I can also bring it down a little with just a little sweetener and cinnamon but oatmeal to me says lots of toppings and fruit. This coffee version can be enjoyed with or without toppings because the coffee flavor is strong and invigorating.

I usually add a little liquid sweetener along with peanut butter and a banana or another fruit. It just makes the oats that much more amazing. Oats are awesome just on their own. They are filled with fiber, protein and are super low in fat. When I used to eat dairy, my cholesterol would go up and down. I used to eat alot cheese until I found myself with high cholesterol during a routine doctor's visit. My cholesterol was around 230ish and I was scared because I knew it was becoming a risk factor for heart disease. After that wake-up call, I ditched the cheese and increased my intake of fiber. Cue oats. I ate oatmeal everyday for breakfast and made sure my fiber intake was double the amount that was recommended and my cholesterol plummeted. I also worked out a lot more so that my good cholesterol increased. Now that I'm plant-based, I never worry about my cholesterol. Also, I eat lots of healthy fat and I STILL don't worry about it!

In other words, if you want to increase your fiber, add 1 serving of oats to your daily meals and see if that makes a difference. Whoo hoo!

4-6 oz of black coffee
1 cup of non dairy milk
1/2 cup of quick cook oats
1 tbsp of peanut butter
1/2 sliced banana
3 tsp of coconut palm syrup

Make coffee like you always do. I use a French press. Add the milk to the black coffee.  Add the oats to a small pan and pour in the coffee. Turn the heat on medium and cook the oats in the coffee and milk. Add more milk if needed. You can add chocolate protein powder at this point if you wish but it's totally optional. Cook the oats until they are thick and most of the coffee is absorbed.Turn the heat off and pour the oats into a bowl. Add your toppings and serve. I drizzle the coconut palm syrup on top of the oats and toppings.

Notes: make the coffee as strong as you wish. Add whatever milk you wish, you can also top with coconut cream. AMAAAAZING!