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Chocolate Caramels

These turned out....almost perfect. I made them lower in calories and fat so when they froze, they froze almost too much. I will include modifications so that you can make these another way. But as far as a tasty, healthy, chocolatey treat goes, keep reading, you absolutely won't be disappointed. These caramels require very little ingredients and minimal prep time.

I usually make caramel with dates but I have not bought or eaten dates since February; they are one of my trigger foods and I just eat them without a thought...cue sugar rush. Sugar from fruit is not something to be afraid of but dates are so heavy and full of sugar that I just can't eat them with abandon. Next time I will make a dessert from dates as I do miss them alot.

Chocolate layer:
1/2 cup of non dairy milk
1 tbsp of coconut oil
1/4 cup of cocoa powder
1/4 cup of liquid sweetener (I used coconut palm syrup)

Caramel layer:
1/2 cup of peanut butter
1/4 cup of coconut palm syrup
3 tbsp of coconut oil

Heat all the chocolate ingredients on the stove in a small pan and stir until smooth. Put all the caramel ingredients into your food processor and process on high until smooth.

In a small cupcake pan, scoop a little chocolate then caramel then cover with chocolate. Do this until all the chocolate and caramel are used up. Pop in the freezer and taste about 1-2 hours later.

Modifications: add 6-7 pitted, soft dates to the middle mixture to make it chewy and more caramel-like. Add only 1/4 cup of non dairy milk and more coconut oil to the chocolate layer to make the chocolate softer. I made these with fewer calories so they were a different consistency than if I had used more oil and dates.

Try not to eat them all at once! I got 24 caramels out of this recipe.

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