What's Your Vegan IQ?

I was recently asked to be a contributor for the Health IQ vegan quiz. Health IQ is a website devoted to celebrating the health conscious and giving people the knowledge to make positive decisions in their lives. I'm so happy to have contributed to this quiz because I talk all about protein and how it's easy and effortless to get enough protein when you eat plants. I have not had meat in at least 10 years and I just completed my first marathon last year. I'm certainly not weak or frail by any means!

This is going to be a quick post to let you know about the quiz so that you can take it yourself and share it with others! I'm currently visiting my family for the Easter weekend and I'm going to make my mini chocolate peanut butter cups that got SO much love on Instagram. If you have chocolate and peanut butter and a stove, you can make these mini cups so easily and quickly.

When you go to the website to take the quiz, you can also donate to the Vegan Society, an organization that promotes veganism and helps people gain access to veganism through the vegan pledge and advocacy. Happy Easter, Passover and Springtime!

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