Sweet Potato Brownies

I'm so sorry I have not updated this blog in a minute, I have been so busy getting back into the swing of life since coming back to the city after New Years. I'm pretty much kicking alot of butt-I have my mailing list up and running, I sent out my second newsletter this week and I added a mailing list popup link to my website. I ran my first New York Road Runner race on Saturday (a 10K) in the snow and freezing cold and I got through my first week of eating clean and I'm down two pounds. Want to join me? Sign up for my Intro to Plant-Based Eating Fb group! We begin Monday January 16th but the grocery list goes out this Friday!

These brownies were pretty good when I made them but they definitely end up super moist in the middle. Once they cool, the consistency firms up a little bit but the middle of these brownies is VERY fudgy just so you know. I had two sweet potatoes from the farmers market and brownies were just calling my name. I think it's cool to make sweets with fruit and veggies; it just goes to show that healthy ingredients can also be delicious.

I made these in cupcake trays because for some reason I could not find my square brownie pan. It's cool because you can make brownies in any shape and they taste exactly the same. I just coated a cupcake pan with a little coconut oil and they didn't stick to the pan. These are sweet and fudgy but most of all-healthy. I topped them with chocolate avocado icing and peanut butter but you can just eat them as is. Try replacing flour with a root veggie or beans. You can make brownies with black beans and you can make cakes and cookies with chickpeas. I'm going to include more recipes on the blog that have non-traditional or unexpected ingredients in them.

2 sweet potatoes, steamed and peeled
2 tbsp of coconut sugar
2 tbsp of peanut butter
2 heaping tbsp of cacao or cocoa powder
2 tbsp of water

Cut the sweet potatoes into pieces and steam until you can get a fork through them. Peel them and add to your food processor. Put the rest of the ingredients in your food processor and process on high. The water will get the batter going a little bit-add more if needed. Scoop into the cupcake pan and bake at 350 degrees for 40-45 minutes. Cool and serve.

What are your new years intentions?