Newsletter Up and Running

Just a quick post about my newsletter and a hi how are you! My newsletter that I have put off since 2014 (!) is up and running. I'm building my email list and planning out what to include in my future newsletters. When you sign up, you will get brand new recipes delivered to your inbox, meditation tips, running and fitness tips and updates on what I'm up to. I'm so excited to make this newsletter something personal delivered right to you. First brand new recipe? Butternut squash smoothie!

It never occurred to me to try butternut squash in a smoothie but yesterday I did and it was wonderful. But before I give too much away, sign up to get the recipe!

I am currently wearing my Fitbit and wishing the rain would stop so I can go for a run! This morning I started my second day of super clean food with a smoothie and tonight I will be having vegetable soup. Many more recipes will be hitting the blog and my newsletter!

I hope the third day of the new year is greeting you with positive vibes, health and happiness!

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