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Four Ingredient Pancakes

I have tried pancakes in 100 different ways, it seems, so I'm just going to add to the list today. I usually make pancakes with a mushed banana but I had tofu last week and I replaced the banana with tofu....and it was so delish. And high in protein. Tofu is cool. You can make tofu scramble, bake with it or even make tofu cheese.

I haven't been feeling well lately, this weekend was packed with activity-the women's march, volunteering with New York Road Runners, working out and writing-but I think I was fighting a fever and I had body aches and I still have a nasty cough. It's also uncomfortable too, it's cold but humid, wet and smothering. You bundle up only to sweat, tank top and leggings in the apartment, it's a pain the butt. Today it's pouring and I'm still coughing.

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If you don't have tofu, use a ripe banana for this recipe. You can use any kind of tofu you want, silken, firm, whatever.

1 cup of oat flour
2 slices of tofu or 1 ripe banana
2 tsp of baking powder
3 tbsp of non dairy milk + a few splashes of water

Oat flour=rolled oats in the food processor. Process the oats, add the tofu and baking powder and thin out the batter with the milk and water. Pour into a pan coated with coconut oil and cook on both sides.
I added chocolate chips. I topped with Earth Balance vegan butter.

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