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Cheesy Vegan Lasagne

I made this lasagna twice, once with the cashew cheese below and some packaged vegan cheese and once with this sauce and just a little packaged vegan cheese. You can make this lasagna with or without the store-bought vegan cheese....or just add a little bit of the vegan cheese to the top of the lasagna. This is a perfect family meal and one that kids will definitely love. My almost two year old niece loves pizza and pasta!

Sometimes I'm totally in the mood to go all out and make a big dinner. I'll plan ahead and most times have to go get ingredients for it but there is just something so satisfying when you finish the day with a big meal. Growing up, dinner was always an elaborate meal at my house. We always ate together and family celebrations always had a huge emphasis on dinner. Tons of food, many different kinds of dessert, everyone ate until they were stuffed. I have carried that tendency with me through the years and will crave big dinners. Italian dinners were my family's specialty, pasta for days and lots of appetizers and dessert. It's amazing how our eating habits from childhood follow us throughout our lives.

The only ingredient you need to make for this recipe is the cashew cheese. Buy lasagna pasta in the box and packaged vegan cheese if you want to add that too. I used Go Veggie brand. Also buy or make your favorite tomato sauce.
Boil the lasagna pasta until done. Use a big pot so the pasta fits without having to break it too much and add olive oil and sea salt so the pasta doesn't stick together.
Cashew cheese:

1 cup of soaked cashews
1/2 cup of non dairy milk
Juice from 1/2 big lemon
2 cloves of fresh garlic
Sea salt and pepper
2 tbsp of nutritional yeast

Put everything in your food processor on high. If it needs more water, add a little more. You will be spreading the cheese on top of the pasta so make sure it's spreadable. Coat a small square glass dish with tomato sauce and add a layer of cooked lasagna pasta. Spread some cashew cheese on the pasta and add the packaged cheese (if you want) then cover with more sauce, pasta then cheese until all ingredients are used. So it's sauce, pasta, cheese etc. OR do whatever layering you wish!  Bake at 375 for 45 minutes. My dish made about 4 big pieces. Try not to eat it all at once but it will be difficult!

I like spinach or broccoli in my lasagna but I had neither so I didn't include veggies in this dish. Add them, though, always add veggies when you can. Add them when you layer on the tomato sauce. You can layer the lasagna any way you wish just top it with the cheese. You can also add more nutritional yeast to the top of the lasagna before baking. Enjoy!!!


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