Livwell Raw Plant Protein Nutrition

I'm not one for buying protein powder; I've tried a few over the years but I didn't buy them on the regular. They are expensive and usually very highly processed. I also have a huge sweet tooth so I tend to overdo foods like protein powder because it's sweet. I do think they are a pretty good addition to one's diet as long as you get a good brand that is made with whole foods and organic, fair-trade ingredients. That's where Livwell comes in. The above photo was taken from their website; I'd like to take credit for that delicious looking smoothie but I cannot!

I was sent a sample of Livwell protein powder a while ago to try and I really liked it. I made smoothies with it and mixed the chocolate powder into my oatmeal and it was pretty awesome. I poured over Livwell's website and realized just how awesome the ingredients are. Livwell is made with a protein blend that includes brown rice protein, pea protein, sacha inchi and hemp. What is sacha inchi? It's a protein pod native to the Amazon that is 60% protein as well as omegas. All ingredients in the protein blend are organic.

The chocolate protein powder contains: protein blend (organic sprouted brown rice, organic yellow peas, organic sacha inchi, organic hemp), organic raw cacao, organic coconut sugar, organic vanilla bean, xanthan gum (for mixing), pink sea salt, organic stevia.

The ingredients are soy, gluten, dairy and sodium-free and are certified organic and vegan. They are also high in calcium, fiber, iron and protein. Livwell uses state-of-the-art protein separation, cold crafted and nutrient preserving techniques with no chemicals involved.

The BEST part about all of this? Click the link below and use the coupon code Foreverplantbased for 10% off your order. And when you spend $50, you get free shipping. That means you can buy a pack of each flavor of protein powder, get 10% off and free shipping. That's a pretty sweet deal for high quality protein powder. Post your pictures of your Livwell recipes on social media and use the hashtags #foreverplantbased and #livwell

Some of my favorite ways to use protein powder: mix into oatmeal, make a smoothie, mix into banana ice cream, mix into vegan pancake batter, mix with plant-based milk for a simple drink, use in a coffee smoothie...and much more!

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*Use the code Foreverplantbased for 10% off your order
*Spend $50 and get free shipping