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Dark Chocolate Protein Bites

I am 20 days away from completing my first marathon and my plan for the next few weeks is to eat clean and try to stay within a moderate calorie range. I probably won't lose weight but I want to at least try. I downloaded My Fitness Pal and I have tracked my food for 13 days straight now. It's going well and I made a ton of food yesterday. Whenever I'm good though, as in, sticking to healthy meals and portion control, I always want a raw dessert. Last week I was obsessed with these and now I just made these bites. These are GOOOOOOD!

These bites are sweet and juicy and I could just totally house all of them. Made with just four ingredients, they are super easy to make and are ton within minutes. Make a ton and save later; just store in the fridge. I used Livwell Nutrition chocolate protein powder to make these. Click on the link to purchase some and get 10% off when you use the coupon code Foreverplantbased.

I will warn you though once you make these, you have to eventually stop eating them because there IS such a thing as too much of a good thing. They are made with cashews so they do contain healthy fat. I tried to figure out how many calories each bite has and it is about 115 calories each....which is a decent amount. But if you find yourself hungry when you come home and you don't want to make a full meal or snack on something unhealthy, these are PERFECT!

Love love love!!! Ok, no more talking, here is the recipe:

1 cup of raw cashews
1 scoop or 1 packet of Livwell chocolate protein powder
1 scoop of unsweetened cocoa or cacao
15 deglet dates
1-2 tbsp of filtered water

Put everything in your food processor except the water and process on high. Add the water and the mixture will become thicker and chewy. Form into bite sized balls and refrigerate. I made about 10 bites with this recipe and then I made another batch. So in all, I made about 22 bites. These are great for a pre-run snack, breakfast or a late night snack when you've got a sweet craving.

Notes: if you have no protein powder, just eliminate that ingredient and add a sweetener such as maple syrup or coconut sugar. Use any dates that you have but lately I've been baking with deglet dates and eating medjool dates as a snack. Don't add too much water and add it slowly. The water thickens the mixture but should not make it wet at all. The mixture will be a chewy consistency. Use almonds or another nut if you don't have cashews, you can also use rolled oats but the consistency will be slightly different.

Enjoy enjoy!!!! Like I said before, make a ton of these and refrigerate or freeze for an easy snack. These bites are high in protein and healthy fat and are pretty high in fiber.

Marathon's been a long, strange and at times frustrating ride...but very exciting. Between my achilles and calf issues and my IT band pain, I feel like I have dodged injuries throughout this training season. Because of these issues, I have only run three times a week with one of those runs being my long run. Anyway, I feel like I am not as prepared for this marathon as I should be but at the same time, I feel like this training season has gone on FOREVER! I plan on writing all about my marathon after I run it including my training schedule, what I ate before and after runs and of course, how awesome it was to run the marathon!

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