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Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

It's hard not to notice that all my recipes as of late are sweets but I promise you another balance bowl next week. Happy Autumn! It's still humid here but I'm looking forward to the end of that. Next week in New York City it's supposed to be low 70's and if you add low humidity to that I'm a happy girl. I love my denim shorts however I want to rock some jeans and boots.

I used up all of my coconut oil and coco powder making these but they are totally worth it. You cannot combine chocolate and peanut butter and not absolutely love it. These take little to no time because you are essentially heating everything up in a pan and then freezing....heating and freezing! The reason that you need to freeze these peanut butter cups is because the coconut oil in them will melt rather quickly; though it IS still a little humid so that may also be exacerbating the situation. Eating them right out of the freezer is not painful so don't worry about that. When serving these for others, keep frozen to play it safe. Also, feel free to make these in a mini cupcake pan so they aren't as big as mine. That cuts down on calories, feeds more people and the ingredients will go further.

I'm eating one of these with a fork so that the chocolate doesn't melt all over my hands....using a fork is best for these. Look at me telling you how to eat these....ridiculous. Onto the recipe!

1/4 cup of coconut oil
2 tbsp of cocoa powder
3 tbsp of full fat coconut milk or cream
4 tbsp of maple syrup
1/2-1 tbsp of peanut butter
2 tsp of sea salt (optional)

Mix together all the ingredients except the peanut butter and sea salt in a small pan on the stove. Mix so that all the ingredients are smooth. Keep the heat on low. If you want darker chocolate peanut butter cups, add another tbsp of cocoa powder. Mine were milk chocolate color. Heat until the mixture becomes thick and a little bubbly. Keep the heat on low and keep stirring. Taste and add more cocoa powder or maple syrup if need be. Once the mixture is thick and smooth, remove from the heat.

Line a cupcake pan with cupcake paper liners or wax paper. Use a mini cupcake pan so that you end up with more chocolate peanut butter cups. Scoop out some of the chocolate using a spoon and place in one of the cupcake holes; use about 3 scoops if you are using a large cupcake pan. Put the peanut butter (1/2-1 tbsp) on top of the chocolate then cover with 2-3 tbsp of chocolate so that the peanut butter is covered. Keep doing this until you use up all of your chocolate mixture. Sprinkle a little bit of sea salt on top of each cup. Freeze for a while, maybe overnight. When left out of the freezer, the cups will melt quickly so keep frozen until serving.

So, it's just chocolate, peanut butter and chocolate again. Pretty simple.

Some of the desserts I make, usually the raw ones, don't yield a ton of product. I think because the ingredients are so expensive (coconut oil, maple syrup) that is kind of a good thing. Also, though it's healthy fat, coconut oil and nuts used in raw desserts are high in fat so making raw desserts is more for quality versus quantity. If you want a dessert that will feed alot of people, make my cookies (not raw) or cake (raw). It's ok if you only get 3-5 peanut butter cups out of this recipe.

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