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Raw Pea Protein Chocolate Smoothie

Pea protein is the new ingredient that is added to protein powder and smoothies, I'm just realizing. Am I late to the game? I feel like I always overlook peas as being boring or something I used to be made to eat as a kid but they are actually pretty awesome. I bought frozen peas yesterday at Whole Foods so I could make a smoothie today and I wasn't disappointed. To make the sweetest smoothie with bananas, make sure you use super ripe, speckled bananas, as ripe as you can possibly buy. The riper the banana, the sweeter the ice cream.

I'm pretty obsessed with protein lately, not because I'm worried I'm not getting enough but because I'm training for the marathon and I want to take care of my muscles as much as I can. Protein helps repairs your muscles after a strenuous workout; it also helps you digest carbs slowly so you don't have a huge spike in blood sugar. I try to combine protein with fruit. I started eating all raw yesterday because I want to get my system back to the basics, kind of detox, put only good foods in my body, cut down on the non-fruit sugar. Yesterday wasn't bad, I ate a ton of apples and pears, bananas and I had almost a whole avocado and tomatoes. There is something so awesome about appreciating fruits and veggies for what they are: really really beautiful plants full of antioxidants. I'm taking a ride later to the Union Square farmers market to grab some organic kale so I can make raw tacos tonight. Don't worry, they will hit the blog.

If you're worried about your protein intake or your children's intake or maybe you are working out like crazy, make this smoothie. Get back to your peas, there is a reason why our parents told us to eat them :) I love milk with my smoothies so I pretty much need to always have it on hand. Being raw, I haven't bought milk at the store; instead I made cashew milk. It's definitely a different flavor than other milks and I can't say I'm a huge fan of it but I may sweeten it up a little and try it again.

To make cashew milk:
Soak raw cashews in filtered water overnight. The next morning, place them in your blender and add enough fresh filtered water to cover them. Turn your blender on high and blend. Strain the milk through a small strainer and save the pulp for later. Add the milk to your smoothie.

Raw Pea Protein Chocolate Smoothie:
2-3 frozen ripe bananas
1/2 cup of frozen organic peas
8 oz of plant based milk
2 tbsp of cacao or cocoa powder
2 tsp of cinnamon

Blend well until it's a milkshake consistency. Add water or milk to thin out the smoothie if you wish. You can't taste the peas. It's a pretty epic smoothie and one that is very nutritious. Add the cashew pulps to another smoothie later. Or add to oatmeal.

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