Raw Kale Tacos

So, when I got back to New York City after a visit home, I felt so full and bloated. I can't say I was eating a ton while visiting my family but we had alot of potatoes and I had some mock meat and I just needed to detox. My friend was talking all about how she was going raw and I got super inspired! Oh and see what my friend is up to doing THIS! She is amazing! Anyway, she inspired me and so I have been raw for the past four and a half days. Today I am making food for my Munch and Meditate event and I did have a few tastes of fudge. Anyway, that's it for today, I'm going to be raw until I go home again this week and then I will probably switch to two raw meals and a cooked dinner. I can't say I've lost weight or feel insanely happy but my mood is content and I did run 15 miles on Saturday. So, that theory that plants make you weak is not holding up :)

I made these tacos on Friday night because I wanted to fill my tummy with healthy fat and plenty of greens before I did my long run. This meal was soooooo filling and I went to bed with a full tummy and ready to hit the pavement. I haven't been worrying alot about my fat intake because I'm not necessarily 80/10/10 so I'm just going with how I feel. I used a whole avocado plus a little bit of one leftover so it was definitely more than some raw vegans would eat but like I said I'm not worrying about specific macronutrients.

My thoughts on raw food. It's cool, it's light, it's detoxifying though I'm not certain how much more detoxifying it is than eating a clean cooked meal filled with healing spices. It keeps you cool in the summer and you can have fruit for days and make a ton of smoothies. But for me, I can't be raw all the time because of the seasons and I just get bored and start thinking about Indian food. So be raw if you want to but don't do it if you are miserable.

These tacos though.....I used kale because I prefer it over swiss chard but swiss chard has bigger leaves and makes a better taco. Onto the recipe....

3-5 pieces of organic kale
1 avocado
1 medium organic tomato
1 small onion
1 lemon
A pinch of sea salt
A small piece of yellow squash
1 small cucumber

Cut all the veggies into small pieces and put them in a bowl. Add the juice from the lemon and the pinch of sea salt and mix well. Add anymore veggies you wish. Spoon some of the veggie mixture onto kale leaves and serve.

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