Raspberry-Date Sauce

Berries and dates...they are such an awesome combo when you want to make sauce or syrup. My previous post featured a blueberry-date tart; these two ingredients make a great icing or sweet topping on pretty much anything. It's so easy and takes two seconds to whip up. If the dates are two hard, just soak them in warm water for a few minutes and they will be good to go.

I bought some organic raspberries at the fruit stand when even though I carefully inspected each container, I got home and some were moldy and just bad. I was going to go back and ask for my money back but I just sorted them and stored them in my fridge in a glass bowl. I decided right then and there I would make jam or a sauce out of them. If you have berries that are about to go bad or you get home and they aren't that great, make this recipe. Everyone needs jam in the summer, to top your overnight oats, to spread on toast, where you love to put jam.


2 containers of organic raspberries
5 medjool dates, pitted

Put in your food processor and process until it's a smooth sauce. You can also add chia seeds and make it a chia jam or just keep it as is. The dates give it more of a sweet taste than just processing berries alone. I made this sauce with strawberries the other day when I posted the cheesecake recipe.

Happy Summer!!

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