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Introduction to Meditation

A few days ago I started an Intro to Meditation group on Facebook and as I write this, on the eve of our August meditation challenge, I have 104 members in the group. I love this group, it only came together just days ago but the amount of positive vibes and support for each other is already evident. My goal is to give tips to help my group meditate at home and feel more upbeat and happy during the day. Our challenge begins tomorrow!

If you are on Facebook and want to join the 31 day meditation challenge, join us. Even if it is after tomorrow, you can still join and complete your 30 days after August; I plan on giving tips and advice even after August 31st. I look forward to people's reactions and how they feel after the challenge. I love answering questions and helping people. One of the main reasons I love teaching guided meditations both in the studio and online is the feedback I get from people reporting that they feel so much better!

Meditation is yoga because yoga is so much more than asanas (poses). Yoga is feeling peaceful, helping others, giving back to the community, loving yourself. It's living selflessly while taking care of yourself. When you practice meditation, you are practicing yoga. Meditation has so many benefits. Though everyone is different, studies have shown that, overall, people feel more able to handle frustration throughout their day, they feel lighter and happier and are able to work through stress easily. Meditation activates the center in the brain that helps us feel positive and content while diminishing anger and depression. There are numerous physical ailments that may also be helped by meditating but these can vary from person to person. For me, when I meditate, I feel more rested and peaceful. It helps me get out of a funk and feel happier. My goal is for people to make meditation a habit.

My meditation checklist:

1. Pick a meditation spot in your home. It should be quiet and comfortable.
2. Choose a position that you can stay in for 5 minutes or more. You may lay down or sit with your back straight and shoulders back.
3. Take a deep breath, hold for a few seconds and exhale deeply. Repeat 4 times.
4. Listen to your breathing. Clear your mind of anything that you did before meditation or anything you are doing after. Be in the present moment.
5. Let your thoughts and emotions float through your mind, feel or hear them in a detached way. Don't judge or obsess over your thoughts. Don't obsess over conversations with people. Go where your thoughts take you but remain detached.
6. Don't compare your meditation experience with others. If you cry, laugh, feel great or take a while to get it, it is what it is.
7. Meditate at any time during the day. Tomorrow is day 1.

Join me on Facebook for more. I will post the group link again so head over, like my page and join my meditation the group!

Do you currently meditate? How do you feel after you've meditated for a few days? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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