Nice Cream Recipes

Ice cream is a summer essential, it's a part of my diet almost everyday and since I'm vegan, I don't have to worry about filling my body with crappy dairy and insulin spiking sugar. I make mostly banana nice cream but I also made coconut milk gelato a few times and loved it; it's a decadent treat so when consuming dairy free treats on a regular basis, I would stick to mostly banana ice cream. No hate for coconut at all but it's high in fat so maybe consume in moderation? I don't know I'm not you so do whatever you wish, whatever is best for you body :)

Banana ice cream rules (I hate rules so follow if you want): buy the brownist (is that a word?), most speckled, ripe bananas that you can find as these will be the sweetest and perfect for banana ice cream. Buy them in large quantities, peel, cut in half and put in freeze bags in your freezer. Your freezer may just end up being bags of frozen bananas this summer but that's ok, you can get everyone else in your family hooked on banana ice cream. I made nana ice cream once when I was home and my sister loved it; she is not vegan and is used to dairy but her face was like, "Ohhhh that's good" so I was encouraged! Much more of that this summer!

Experiment with toppings and flavors. Anyone who reads this blog on the regular knows I'm obsessed with peanut butter...and pretty much any nut butter so I usually top my ice cream with gooey pb. You can also top with fruit, homemade chocolate sauce  and spices like cinnamon. Go to town, do whatever you wish!

Nana Ice Cream with Peanut Butter Chunks

Strawberry Coconut Gelato

Chocolate Peanut Butter Gelato

Chocolate Nana Ice Cream

Nana Ice Cream with Cookie Crumble

Pumpkin Nana Ice Cream

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