Homemade Deodorant

I first made my own deodorant about a year ago and I have used it ever since. It works and it's easy to make and inexpensive. Regular deodorant in stores contains aluminum, which may be linked to certain cancers. I'm trying to ditch as many chemicals as possible as far as what I eat and what I put on my body so brand name deodorants are not my jam lately. However, if only brand name deodorants work for you, that is fine, you need to do what works for you. This homemade deodorant recipe works for me, no matter what my activity level is or what the weather is like so try it for yourself!

The downside now (as of this last month)? The baking soda in this recipe is causing me skin irritation and itching on my underarms. It ranges from slightly red to super red and itchy and I've had to take a break from this recipe and switch to other natural deodorants that do not contain baking soda (but the one brand I tried doesn't work for me). However, I want to give you the baking soda recipe, though, because if it doesn't irritate you, it is something you can wear all the time and you won't stink. This recipe is tried and true and is super reliable.

This recipe is more liquidy than I would normally make it because I want the deodorant to be more moisturizing so just add two tbsp of coconut oil versus four.

2-4 tbsp of coconut oil, not melted
1 tbsp of aluminum-free baking soda
1 tbsp of tapioca or corn starch (make sure the corn starch is non-GMO)
2-4 drops of your favorite essential oil
Oils that have anti-bacterial properties are tea tree oil, lavendar, lemongrass, oregano and thyme

Mix everything together by hand and store in an air-tight jar or container; I store mine in an old lotion container. I usually double this recipe but if you are trying this for the first time, stick with the single batch. Put on everyday, massaging into the skin like lotion. It lasts all day and all night for me; you may notice your underarms have a scent the next day but it isn't body odor, it's more like a weird baking soda and coconut oil scent rolled into one.

When you only add two tbsp of coconut oil, the recipe will be a thick lotion texture that solidifies at room temperature. Since, personally, I added more coconut oil, my deodorant is more liquid. Make it whatever texture you wish. The baking soda is the anti-odor ingredient, the starch holds it all together and the oils are for anti-bacterial properties as well as scent. And of course the oil is for moisture. You can also add shea butter or coconut butter for extra moisture. Play around with the amounts of all the ingredients; just make sure to use 1 tbsp of baking soda for a single batch.

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