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Chocolate Cranberry Truffles

These little bites are the bomb! They are chocolately and super fudgey (thanks to coconut oil) and chewy. Isn't coconut oil awesome? It's so versatile, I use it in my recipes and I use it to moisturize my skin and hair. To refresh my face, I spray a combination of peppermint, cucumber, lemongrass essential oil on my face and then follow up with some coconut oil. My face feels fresh and hydrated and it wakes me up, Coconut oil, at least for this recipe, makes the chocolate very decadent and rich so that you are biting into an almost ganache-like filling. These are my favorite bites thus far!

For this recipe, you don't necessarily need a bar of chocolate or chocolate chips, you can use cocoa powder and coconut oil and maple syrup or another liquid sweetener. I made these twice and used different versions of chocolate each time.

1/4 cup of coconut oil, melted
4 tbsp of cocoa powder
4 tbsp of maple syrup
3/4 cup of dried cranberries
2 pinches of Himalayan sea salt
3 tbsp of cocoa powder (set aside)

You can also use 1/2 cup of chocolate chips, melted and the coconut oil. Since the chocolate chips will already be sweetened, you won't need the maple syrup.

Melt the coconut oil in a small pot and add the cranberries, cocoa powder, sea salt and maple syrup to your food processor. Turn the processor on high, take the coconut oil off the heat and slowly pour into your food processor. The mixture will become a thick, oily, chocolately mess. Blend completely. Scoop the mixture out and roll into small bites. Freeze for about 45 minutes then roll the bites in the cocoa powder to coat the bite in chocolate. Press the cocoa into the bite, rolling it into a tighter ball and freeze or refrigerate again. If you are ready to bite into them, now is the time! After freezing/refrigeration, the bite will be super chewy: this is the intended end result! I prefer keeping these bites in the freezer.

I also made this recipe into bars. I bought some chocolate molds on Amazon and I love them! They are great for making chocolate bars and they come in all shapes and sizes. I got some Christmas molds to make Christmas candy. After blending the ingredients in your food processor, scoop out the mixture and press into the bar molds. Freeze for as long as you need. This recipe made 4 bars. Also, these last two pictures were taken with my Canon Rebel...who hoo, I'm so excited I'm getting more used to this camera!

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