Find YOUR Yoga Practice

I recently wrote this blog post for my yoga studio's website. I co-own a yoga studio in downtown Manhattan and we specialize in helping the entrepreneurial yoga teacher flourish. We rent our space at affordable prices so that yoga teachers, health coaches, health and wellness professionals and creative folks have a clean, calm place to share their art. I feel so grateful for it. I love writing about wellness and I wanted to share this post on here too. You can learn all about my yoga studio HERE and there is also a link above.

Yoga is so much more than asanas. It’s a focus on caring for yourself in all aspects of your life. It’s meditation, eating well, getting enough sleep, moving your body, giving back to others. You don’t have to be doing a 75 minutes vinyasa class everyday to be doing yoga. Yoga every damn day…it means yoga in whatever form feels good in that moment.

Yoga is everywhere on social media and usually in the form of a super toned body doing a handstand with legs in split. I’m not super toned, I can’t do a handstand without a wall and I’m still working on my upper body strength. So, it’s hard sometimes not to feel like a failure when you flip through Instagram and see all of these perfect poses. If you feel pressure to do someone else’s yoga, you need to come back and reconnect with yourself. What can you do? What is your favorite pose and why? Do you feel strong and tall and brave when you’re in tree pose? Do you connect more with meditation? Is your yoga practice 10 sun salutations every morning? Be happy and grateful for your own, unique yoga practice and banish the word “should” from your vocabulary.

I usually go on and on when I write blog posts but I want this message to be short and sweet. If you constantly compare your yoga practice to other people’s practice, you will become frustrated very quickly. Then you will start forcing your practice and then it becomes a chore. Trust me, I’ve been there. Yoga and meditation can bring out all of our shit that is buried and can cause us discomfort. You may find yourself in savasana with tears streaming down your face or you may find it difficult to sit still during meditation. Embrace the difficulty and work through it or move to another yoga practice. Focus on yourself and your practice will blossom.

To those of you reading this, thank you for stopping by our humble website. We feel truly blessed to have this beautiful yoga studio for you to be creative and cultivate you and your student’s yoga practice.