Creamy Coconut Hot Chocolate

This recipe has sat on deck for a week now because I needed to get the ingredients so I could take proper photos. Well, my fridge is full of dates so life is good. Creamy hot chocolate satisfies my craving for a latte. I think it's the hot, sweet beverage that is just so similar to a latte that does it. And though I don't get a coffee high from hot chocolate, it just warms me like a nice soy latte does. I rarely buy coffee out anymore because lately I've enjoyed one of these in the morning. In fact, I'm already thinking about tomorrow's cup of hot choco. 

I'm pretty obsessed with coconut lately; the canned milk specifically. It's creamy and fatty and literally makes everything better. I love making coconut curry with it but mainly I use coconut milk with fruit or oatmeal or pudding. It's beautiful. I try not too overdo it because it's high in fat but it's not an unhealthy source of fat, remember everything is fine in moderation.

It's Halloween and marathon weekend in NYC and the city is abuzz with excitement! Central Park has transformed into an arena, bleachers for spectators, fences up, ready for the runners to get going! Pretty soon the inspirational signs with supportive people will be there ready to cheer the runners on. It's a fantastic weekend and I'm so excited.

This is a perfect recipe to make in the morning so you can sit and enjoy something sweet or make it to take with you to a game or the NYC marathon! This recipe is only sweetened with dates so it's completely fueled with natural fruit sugars.


8-16oz of creamy full fat or light coconut milk
6-8 medjool dates
1 tbsp of cinnamon
3 tbsp of cocoa or cacao powder
1/4 cup of coconut cream

In your food processor, process the milk, dates, cocoa and cinnamon until fully blended. The mixture will be a thick, sweet creamy mixture-YUM! Heat the mixture on low heat until it's at the desired temp then pour in your favorite mug. Add the coconut cream to the top and enjoy!

Notes: to eliminate the food processor step, leave out the dates and use maple syrup or coconut sugar as the sweetener. You can also use other non dairy milk if you don't have canned coconut milk. Add some nutmeg too. The coconut cream step is optional.

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