5 Things To Remember When You're feeling Down

Let me preface this post-and blog-by saying that I am not a doctor. I took classes at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition last year and received my Health Coach certificate. I am a 200 hour certified yoga teacher. I also have a masters degree in social work (my previous career). I'm here to share with you MY experiences but I am not YOU so you need to do what makes you your healthiest. My blog is here for you to enjoy and connect with but if you are under the care of a doctor, you should listen to their advice! These are my thoughts and opinions so, please, if you are experiencing more than the occasional blues, please seek help from a medical professional!

I get down when I do not check in with myself. I feel frustrated and hopeless when I compare myself to others in any aspect of life: my appearance, this blog, how much money I have, where I'm at in life. Not realizing how unique and special you are can drain your energy and cause you to spin your wheels. There is so much to be happy about in this life but the trick is to recognize it and practice gratitude. Here are a few things to remember when you hit a road block:

1. This too shall pass. You won't feel down forever so just ride this out. Treat yourself to something that will lift your spirits, a bagel with cream cheese, a nice warm bath, some yoga or just sit down and breathe. If you can reach out to someone and talk to them about how you're feeling down, this is the time to do it.

2. Focus on what is awesome about your life. What did you accomplish today? What was that awesome compliment someone threw at you yesterday? Find the positives, they are always there!

3. Don't binge eat. But if you are having problems in that area (like me), reach for the fruit. Fruit is sweet, delicious and you can do so much with it! Reach for the frozen bananas and make a milkshake. Dip some dates in peanut butter. Make some oatmeal and pile on the fruit. Wash it all down with lots of water. If your body turns to food when you feel stress, it's important to get to the root cause of why you do this. Work with a therapist or dietitian if this is a constant problem in your life. But if you can teach yourself to reach for healthier foods when you get the munchies, that is fine too. Lately, I've been reaching for the dates and banana milkshakes with coconut milk. Fruit makes me feel healthy and it gives me so much energy.

4. Know that you are enough. When we compare ourselves to others, you disregard everything that YOU are. You are not the girl or guy down the street. You may be in a similar field or enjoy the same hobbies as the person next to you, but you are not them. There are many people doing the same thing but only you can do it your way.

5. Get up and move. Going outside for a walk or a run or picking up the weights is a natural mood booster. Get out and enjoy nature, you may come back totally refreshed and feeling alot better.

We all go through ups and downs, when you feel very very happy, it's only natural to have a sad day. What goes up must come down. The trick is to find ways to pull yourself back up and even out your mood. Taking care of yourself and breathing are wonderful ways to check in with your body and mind. When you feel sad, don't forget about yourself because this is a time to get closer to yourself.