Pumpkin Steel Cut Groats

There is something so awesome about oats, groats, steel cut, rolled, they make such a delicious and comfort filled dish of goodness that leaves room for your own personal creativity. The best part about oats are the toppings and what you can add to them and this time I'm going with the season! These oats are pumpkin flavored, with real organic pumpkin puree, and the toppings are in season as well. 

Have you tried hemp seeds? Did you know Trader Joe's now sells hemp seeds? So awesome, especially if you're worried about your protein intake ;) Which you shouldn't be because no active healthy person who eats is ever deficient in protein. You have to be very sick, weak and malnourished to ever be lacking in protein and the only way to know that your protein is low is to have a blood test. You don't need meat to get your protein, you need a well balanced plant based diet full of beans, nuts, seeds, fruits and veggies. If you're a new vegan and feeling tired, review your sugar intake first (is it too high?) Are you eating enough? Is most of your plate consisting of leafy greens? Are you overexercising? Are you sleeping enough? There are so many items to check off your list to find out why you feel tired before you jump to low protein. Or this "vegan diet is making me tired." It isn't, trust me. It's quite possible to be vegan and overdose on sugar, it's also possible to be vegan and overeat, to be overweight, to be a junk food vegan (hello, vegan cupcakes!!). Get rid of all of your vegan stereotypes when you meet a vegan or become vegan. It's just a different way of eating than the typical American diet, it isn't scary or crazy, it's HEALTHY.

It always amazes me when people force their kids to eat meat or drink their milk; unknowingly they are setting their kids up for disease and crappy cravings. They force their kids to eat meat and dairy because it's been pounded into their brains that they need meat and dairy to be healthy or get their adequate calcium or build strong bones. Just read the China Study and do a little research and you can open your mind up to the possibility that those rules we've all been taught are not right. Hormone laden, antibiotic riddled meat and dairy is NOT healthy. It's amazing how beans can be substituted for meat. I made this creamy, cheesy pasta and chickpea dish with kale the other day and as I was eating it, I realized how much it tasted like the tuna pasta my mom used to make me. It was the exact taste but without the tuna. It was so amazing how similar they tasted and I was flooded with childhood memories. Veganism isn't about giving up your favorite dishes; it's about exploring different ways to make these dishes with plant based ingredients. 

But I digress!!! These groats were so yummy, you guys, but make sure you buy your favorite dried fruit and nut butter before you make them. Pomegranate seeds, bananas, apples, these are all perfect for this recipe. I used dates but use any other dried fruit you like. Whole grains, fruits, nuts, seeds, it's all here, this is plant based at it's best!

3/4 cup of steel cut groats
1/3 cup of pumpkin puree
1 tbsp of coconut sugar, maple syrup or raw sugar
2 tsp of cinnamon
3 pitted dates
1/2 the seeds from 1 pomegranate
2 tbsp of hemp seeds
2 tbsp of peanut butter
3/4 cup of filtered water
A few splashed of your favorite non dairy milk

Take the seeds out of 1 pomegranate and set aside. You will not need all the seeds for this recipe. Pit your dates or use dried prunes or apricots. In a small pot, combine the water and groats and heat on medium. As the groats start to absorb the water, add a few splashes of the milk. Then stir in the pumpkin puree, sugar and sprinkle in the cinnamon. When the groats are thick and creamy, turn off the heat and let cool for a few minutes. Transfer to a bowl and add the dried fruit, peanut butter, hemp seeds, and pomegranate seeds. Enjoy this beautiful dish, OMG, that is all I can say!

Notes: use additional fruit like a banana or cut up an apple. Use cashew or almond butter instead of peanut butter and add chia seeds or buckwheat. If you use a few splashes of sweetened milk, you may not need the sugar. Use coconut sugar or maple syrup, stay away from regular sugar that may spike your blood sugar. This dish is filled with protein and fiber so it will fill you up without making you sugar tired. But anytime you use sugar, pick a good quality sugar.

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