5 Things to Remember When Trying to Lose Weight and Why I changed my Blog Name

I love this quote! I'm always trying to make things perfect but it never turns out that way. For instance, I changed my blog name last night along with all my social media. I lost a good amount of followers on fb and got alot of feedback. I wondered if this was the right decision a few times but then always came back to why I'm doing this: it doesn't make sense to expand my blog and keep the old name. It's ok that people stopped following because new people will start following.

I woke up to even less followers but also positive feedback, encouragement and inspiration. Life is messy. Risk taking is messy, you just gotta do it. My blog name has always been Fabulous Vegan Recipes and now it just feels right to change it. I am now Fabulous Fit Food because it means a few different things to me: you can take it as my food is fabulous and fit, which is true; but also I'M fabulous, fit and I love food. WE are fabulous, fit and we all love food. I wanted to keep fabulous in there to have some continuity with FVR and to make it less confusing. I have so much to say about life, fitness, happiness, love, meditation etc etc. I love food, I love being vegan, I love cooking so it's all staying. A few people messaged me right away last night asking why the change and if I'm still vegan and the answer to the latter question is yes yes yes, I will always be vegan. I know too much about the meat and dairy and egg industry to ever go back to eating animal products. My health is better, I'm helping the environment and no ingredient is worth an animal's suffering. So yes, I will always always always post vegan (and by default gluten-free) recipes. 

I love health and wellness, I love talking about it, writing about it, going to health and wellness events, reading blogs and meeting bloggers in person. Since moving to this awesome city, I have immersed myself in the health and wellness world. Becoming a yoga teacher, keeping up with my blog, meeting fellow bloggers, dining at vegan restaurants and going to countless wellness events, NYC has just opened up my blogging world. I'm settling more into my life right now and I want to share my tips and tricks....but also my frustrations and fears. Life is not perfect. When I left my cushy job last summer to come here to the unknown, I was so scared. But I realized that you can make a comfortable life in any situation you find yourself in. To be happy no matter where you are, you need to be happy with yourself. Happiness starts with yourself. It was messy though, moving here. I cried, felt homesick, felt depressed, unsure, frustrated, lonely, and so many other emotions. Life is messy but it means you're living. If you're staying in a situation because it's comfortable but you're not happy, life is telling you to spread your wings. Because your new place in life will eventually feel like home.

The first topic other than food that I want to talk alot about is weight loss...and more importantly, positive body image. I have always struggled with my weight and feeling comfortable in my body. It's been a never ending journey for me; my weight has gone up and down, my sugar cravings have fluctuated and I've always carried such a negative image of myself. It was only when I went to a dietitian that I started to figure out a few tricks to stay strong during the weight loss process. Here is what I have learned thus far:

1. Practice patience. It didn't take you a month to gain the weight so you won't lose it in a month. It's unhealthy to lose weight quickly and those that do tend to resort to unsafe ways: pills, supplements, lots of caffeine, skipping meals. To lose weight and keep it off, you must lose it slowly. I am not a dietitian or a doctor so if you need specific numbers (pounds, calories) visit a medical professional. 

2. You don't have to obsess over calories, just choose different foods. If you are eating processed foods, choose whole organic ones instead. Replace a bag of chips with a healthy smoothie. Add in veggies instead of taking away a sweet.

3. Make sure your plate is mostly fruit and veggies. If you keep adding the healthy foods, you will have less room for unhealthy foods. Round out your plate with whole grains, nuts, seeds and beans. Drink lots of water; it flushes out toxins, fills you up and hydrates your entire body.

4. Learn to love your imperfections. Or what you see as your imperfections. You need to let go of the frustration and negativity and learn to love your body before you can change anything.

5. If you mess up, feel like you overindulged, just keep going. You don't need to think it's all over, just make your next meal healthy, don't skip meals or binge. Don't fall into depression or get down on yourself. Just. keep. going. In the past, when I overindulged I just kept binging. I felt like, "well, I just overate, might as well keep going." No, just move on. Wipe the slate clean, go for a walk and clear your head.

This is what I want this blog to be, inspiration for others while also helping myself. Recipes but not an obsession with food. Some posts will be motivation and fitness with no food, that's ok. I have a ton of recipes already on this blog for you to browse. I'm looking forward to making this blog more well rounded.

Thanks for sticking with me :) New website address coming soon. 

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