Fabulous Vegan Recipes Ebook

I first created this blog in 2011 but it was just a tiny idea in my head. I knew I wanted to go far with cooking and health, gravitate away from my social work job and move to NYC but I wasn't sure where I wanted to go with my blog. Then in 2013, I started posting again with gusto, created my facebook page and just loved every second of cooking and sharing my recipes. I was so excited and inspired that I started the arduous task of writing and self publishing an ebook of my favorite recipes called Fabulous Vegan Recipes!

That book took me so long to format, write, take photos, cook for and I was (am) so proud of it! It includes all three meal recipes plus desserts, smoothies and juices and, as an added bonus, a sample meal plan. I want to get back to the point in my life where I can't leave the kitchen but I know my life has changed so much since December 2013. I quit my job in PA, moved to New York City, became a yoga teacher, bought a yoga studio with yoga friends and met so many interesting and awesome people. I also became tougher, learned to navigate this crazy city, fell more in love with this city in the meantime and met so many friends and people who have made me stronger. With change comes doubt and frustration and hard times but that is all a part of living.

Opening up my Nook the other day and browsing through my ebook reminded me of how awesome my book is and how much I accomplished. It also made my mouth water and I promptly made my mom's apple cake (below). I then got on a roll and created the pumpkin cake batter oat parfait that is in my previous post. So, I think I'm starting to come back (I have a chana masala recipe on the way too). It's easy to get frustrated in the kitchen when recipes don't turn out, when you're tired, not in the mood to cook or feeling inpatient. Cooking is like meditation, you get into and think about nothing else so it's something you need time and patience for. 

My ebook is only $4.99! Take advantage of this awesome low price and click on the link above to grab this Cyber Monday deal! Happy cooking 🙂