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Spicy Potato and Kale Spring Rolls (No Salt, No Oil)

Rice wrappers, veggies, dip, these are a few of my favorite things! I love spring rolls, I love steaming my favorite veggies, spicing them up and then rolling them into a spring roll or sushi. So yum, so filling and so CLEAN. Seriously, if you haven't tried making spring rolls, follow this recipe. No frying or steaming required, just soften the rice wrappers in warm water and there you have it.

I buy brown rice wrappers but you can buy the regular clear wrappers. They can be found in your health food stores with the asian noodles and nori sheets. You will need to prepare your potatoes and kale by steaming them and spicing them up but it's easy and takes little time. Check out this awesome recipe.

To prepare the potatoes and kale:

Cut an organic potato into slices like french fries. Steam the slices until you can get a fork through the potato slices. When the potatoes are steamed, squeeze some lemon juice into a bowl and toss the potato slices in the lemon juice. Cover with spices including but not limited to the following: powdered garlic, ginger, pepper, cumin, onion flakes, nutritional yeast and a little red pepper. Make sure all the potatoes are covered in lemon juice and spices and set aside. Steam a handful of kale until it is bright green. Shake on some nutritional yeast and lemon juice.

Soften the rice wrappers in warm water until they are pliable and sticky and add some of the potatoes and kale on top of the wrapper. Roll the wrapper into a spring roll shape and set on a plate. Keep softening as many rice wrappers as you need until there are no more potato slices or kale. Dip your spring rolls in umeboshi paste or vinegar or dijon mustard. Beyond yum!!

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