Bananas For Bananas

Raw desserts are not anything without bananas. Bananas are such an awesome way to sweeten anything and they are fat free and just awesome. Wait until they are speckled or super brown and make ice cream, mix them into oats, mix them with another fruit and make a topping, slice them into pies and puddings, make icing with them, they are so versatile and they are EVERYWHERE!

Since they require peeling before eating I don't buy them organic but if you do, try to buy in bulk and look around for the best deals, I can't go into a post without shouting out Trader Joe's so buy organic bananas at Trader Joe's, they keep the prices low. Sometimes when I run out of bananas, I feel like I have no food options so I try to always keep at least 5 speckled bananas on hand and I usually freeze some and keep one or two out on my table. I cut them in half and freeze them in pieces.

Bananas are an excellent source of potassium, fiber and they are super filling and give you energy. A banana and a little bit of peanut butter before a run is great. So is a banana mixed with greens in a smoothie (check out my smoothie recipes to the right) and of course, banana chia seed pudding pie! I made this RECIPE in August of last year and I've got to give it a shout out for flashback friday! This recipe is sweet, high in coconut fat (so only have a little or split the recipe) and super filling. It will satisfy your sweet tooth in just a few bites.

So Happy Friday! Appreciate bananas for how awesome they are and how they make recipes sweet and delish.