Chocolate Peanut Butter Gelato (Dairy free, vegan)

I finally got this recipe set and I'm psyched. It's the bomb goodness and I love the pics I took! I call this gelato instead of ice cream because it has a higher milk content and it's slowly whipped which makes it thicker and creamier. You don't need an ice cream maker for this recipe; just a little bit of patience and some time before you want to eat it. You need to freeze it and then take it out of the freezer and stir it from time to time before it becomes gelato.

I pass so many gelato stands in NYC and I salivate over it all, the creamy goodness is so insanely beautiful but it's all full of dairy. This recipe will save you from having to buy gelato and will be cruelty free! Only 5 ingredients, this is a perfect post dinner ice cream treat for your family. This recipe is high in fat content so a little bit of gelato goes a long way. It's super rich and creamy and chocolately so just a little bit will satisfy your craving.

I've had issues with blogging lately. I get discouraged because I feel like no one reads my blog or cares about my recipes. I get great feedback on facebook and sometimes Instagram but I find myself wishing for more blog traffic and features and followers; I've needed to take a step back from blogging and it's been great. I also compare myself to other bloggers, which depresses me. Which is why I need to stop doing this! Everyone blogs for different reasons and blogs about different topics which captures different audiences, not everyone is going to have the same audience. Whenever I feel this way, I think about why I started this blog: to share vegan recipes with others and to spread veganism to my followers. I love cooking, love sharing recipes, love taking food photos, so I'm going to do just that and not worry about how many likes or followers I get. You can't force a beautiful thing, it just speaks for itself. I'm going to let go of my strict blogging schedule and just blog when I BELIEVE in what I make. Not every recipe needs to be blogged or shared or photographed but when something is good, it's GOOD to share it.

Like this's so good to share it because I love it and I'm proud of it and I know you will love it! So, without further delay, here is the recipe:

2 small cans of coconut cream or 1 can of full fat coconut milk
1 avocado
1/4 cup of coconut sugar
1/4 cup of cacao powder
2-3 tbsp of organic peanut butter

In your food processor, combine all the ingredients and turn your processor on high. You want the mixture to be thicker than a smoothie and almost like pudding. The food processor should still be moving but moving at a slower pace. Transfer the mixture to a glass bowl or any bowl you can store the gelato in. Mix the gelato up again and then stick it in your freezer. Keep the gelato in the freezer for an hour then take it out and mix it; it will eventually start freezing and become harder to mix. Keep mixing and refreezing until the gelato is the consistency you want; real gelato is a cold, thick soft serve that looks whipped, this mixture will become that eventually. You can let it freeze even more to become more like ice cream. Scoop in your favorite bowl and dive in!

Notes: if you make this recipe at night before bed, store it in the fridge overnight, don't freeze it. The next morning, you can pop it in the freezer and take it out every once in a while to stir it. If you freeze it overnight, you need to wait for it thaw in order to consume or become a gelato consistency again. To make a lower fat version, use 1\2 block of organic firm tofu instead of the avocado. Drain the water out of the tofu by pressing on it before putting in your food processor.

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