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Banana Coconut Cream Pie

I'm flashing back to two winters ago when I made this banana coconut cream pie because my whole life is all about coconut! I love coconut; I just bought coconut cream and coconut sugar to make my strawberry gelato. And banana coconut cream pie is sooooo a summer dessert that I just need to share this again. I made this pie with canned coconut cream that I bought at Trader joe's because I've never had success refrigerating and using coconut milk; it's always too runny. If you use coconut milk for creamy recipes, use it, you don't HAVE to use canned coconut cream. If you use coconut milk, use BPA free, canned full fat coconut milk. The filling for this pie is two ingredients (bananas and coconut cream) so it's a great I need to bring a dessert to this party but have no time to make anything recipe.

I'm going to make this again and I may change it a little; I may add some vanilla extract or coconut sugar but this dessert really is great the way it is. You can also use different fruit besides banana and make a strawberry coconut cream pie or blackberry, get your berries in while they are in season!

You don't need to use coconut oil for the crust if you want to cut down on fat; use dates and nuts and call it a day. You can even throw in some oats or chia seeds to make it a mishmash crust of all different superfoods. Feel free to use my recipe as a base and make it your own.

So, here is it...I'm flashing back to winter 2014 for this recipe so enjoy!

I am pretty much done testing the strawberry gelato recipe, I just need to take some stellar pics so stay tuned for that recipe this weekend.

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