Non Toxic Deodorant Recipe

My friend Shilpa is a do it yourself goddess. She makes most of her beauty and personal care products with natural ingredients found right in her kitchen cabinets. She knows so much about oils, face masks, application, she's amazing and the last time we hung out, I left her apartment feeling like I just left the spa. We did a cucumber face mask treatment then we did a deep moisturizing treatment and she taught me all about argon oil. She's amazing! So I had to share her natural deodorant recipe with you because I love it. I tweaked her recipe because I didn't have some of the ingredients but have no fear, you can get her full recipe here 

This deodorant is amazing, it is very moisturizing and gentle for your underarms and it's easy to make and most importantly it lasts all day! The only difference between this and regular deodorant is the next morning, you may need to apply it right away. Traditional deodorant, at least for me, always left a film so that it lasted 24 hours even after my shower. This deodorant lasts about 12 so you will be covered all day. I even trained for a half marathon while using this deodorant and I did not smell :) Make a little bit and see for yourself. Then you will want to make a huge batch and tell everyone about it!

Natural deodorant recipe:
1.5 tbsp of melted coconut oil
2 tbsp of tapioca starch
1 tbsp of baking soda
4 drops of any essential oil you want to smell like, I used orange and grapefruit oils

In a small dish, mix everything well. Store in a small jar. I doubled the recipe and made two batches. You can refrigerate it to harden it but but it should be ok at room temperature; if it's super humid, store in the coolest place possible. I loooooove this deodorant and all the ingredients were right here in my kitchen. It's amazing what you can do with natural foods. Even though you are not ingesting this (don't eat it haha), buy the best ingredients. Buy organic unrefined coconut oil, buy good tapioca starch (I used Bob's Red Mill). Check out more from my friend's blog, her recipes and articles are awesome!