Flashback Friday: Beet Banana Smoothie

I'm pretty much obsessed with smoothies lately because the weather is alot warmer and they are grab and go and I love them! I'm trying to add more berries into my smoothies instead of bananas; I've been eating way too many bananas so I'm trying to avoid them for a few weeks. It hasn't been hard, it has actually helped me to branch out and eat fruits that I don't normally go for like apples and oranges. And now that berries are in season, I'm all about them!

I'm flashing back to a beet banana smoothie that I made a year ago; I had just injured myself in one of my training runs and I had to sit out the big 10 miles run going on in Philly last year. But I wrote an article for MindBodyGreen and they published it; the comments were so positive and supportive! Article is here for you runners who have had setbacks with injuries.

I have not had any time this week to sit down and concentrate on my plant based cooking class that I'm taking through Rouxbe.com but as soon as I do, I can't wait to start whipping up some more recipes.

Check out my beet banana smoothie recipe here

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