Tofu Scramble

I'm throwing it back to my tofu scramble recipe because I'm making it again today. Sometimes I need to ignore all the bad soy talk and make some tofu. It's so versatile, such a great food that allows you to experiment with different spices and flavors. I can think of so many ways I've used tofu in recipes, it is definitely an ingredient worth getting to know. Check out the labels to your right and click on tofu to see the many recipes I have posted here. Buy organic tofu with as few preservatives as possible; you can find it with just one preservative. Soy is one of the top 5 GMO crops so always buy it organic and, if you are concerned about soy, buy it every once in a while. You don't need to include soy in your diet on a daily basis; it can be a treat.

When you add turmeric to tofu scramble (just a little turmeric), it resembles a scrambled egg. You can add vegan cheese and ketchup and you won't even miss the egg. Add some red pepper and some garlic, toast some bread, add some vegan sausage and you have your good ole american breakfast.

So, check out my scrambled tofu post from a year ago and get to it!

Some great ways to use tofu in a recipe:

Grilled tofu in your favorite marinade
Miso soup
Tofu stir fry
Tofu cheese
Tofu noodle soup
Scrambled tofu
Silken tofu in place of eggs in baked goods

What other ways do you use tofu?