Ebook: Fabulous Vegan Recipes

I know you've probably seen the link to buy my ebook on this blog but I wanted to give you some information about what is included in the book. I wrote and published this book in December of 2013 when my blog was still relatively new. I spent many hours at Whole Foods Cafe drinking coffee and typing out recipes, formatting the book, worrying about the pictures and prior to that I spent many hours in the kitchen recipe testing. I'm so proud of this book and so happy to offer it to you to purchase for the low price of $4.99. The book includes breakfast, lunch and dinner recipe ideas (not found on my blog), along with juices, smoothies and desserts. As a bonus, I included a 7 day meal plan. I write about why particular recipes are important to me and why they are my favorites. I have some family recipes I grew up with that I made vegan.

So click here to buy my book and add a review also! You can also search for the book in your Barnes and Noble Nook store, iBooks and Kindle store. My next cookbook I hope to have a hard copy in my hand :)