Chia Seed Pudding with Strawberry Sauce

I fixed my website so that my domain name points directly to my blog!!!  And the ads are back on my website!!! And the design looks so good, I'm so so happy!! Yay, the greatest feeling ever is loving the way your website looks. It's admiring how easy it is for your readers to navigate (see ingredient labels at the bottom of the blog). It's creating a website that you love to open in your browser....that is the greatest feeling as a blogger! I love Google blogs; everything I do is google, email, chats, my phone is a google phone.

I'm going to make my own jam this week because I made this recipe on Friday and it gave me pretty much the entire jam recipe save for one ingredient. I love getting new ideas for recipes from recipes I've already made. The jam will be on the website later this week, another guest post will be on the blog and, of course, I'm always working on new recipes.  Any thoughts about what recipes you want to see this week?

Here is another chia pudding recipe that has a strawberry compote (sauce) on top.  It's sweet but made with only fruit, no added sugar. It's gives the pudding a kick and combines healthy carbs (fruit) with healthy fat (coconut milk) and protein (chia seeds).  I know you will love this and I invite you to become very much up close and personal with chia seed pudding.  It is healthy, delicious, filling, decadent, need I go on? Life is good when you have chia pudding setting in the fridge. Onto the recipe!  This will start your Monday out right.

Chia pudding ingredients:

3/4 cup of light coconut milk
1/4 cup of chia seeds
2 tsp of vanilla extract
1 tbsp of maple syrup

5 organic strawberries
2 medjool dates, pitted
A splash of filtered water

Mix the coconut milk, chia seeds, vanilla and maple syrup in a bowl or mason jar and let sit in the fridge overnight or for at least an hour.  In your food processor, add the strawberries (cut the leaves off) and dates (pit them) and process on high.  Add the filtered water to thin out and to keep the food processor going (you may need to scrape down the sides of the food processor). Process until the fruit turns into a sweet sauce.

Scoop the strawberry compote on top of the chia seed pudding and enjoy.  You can also add the compote first then scoop the pudding on top for a fruit on the bottom treat.

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