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Chia, Oatmeal Parfait

Happy Meatout Day!! And happy spring!  Even though we are scheduled to get snow today :) Does everyone know what meatout day is? On the first day of spring, people pledge to go vegan for a day. It saves an incredible amount of lives, saves an incredible amount of water and puts you on a path for a healthier life (plant based diets are lower in cholesterol, saturated fat and higher in fiber which translates to longer lives).  If you're reading this, starting from this moment, will you eat vegan the rest of the day?  Click on the labels to the right to check out a ton of recipes.  And check out

This is a super sweet parfait recipe that I just had for breakfast but I will tell you it's sweet! If you prefer non-sweet in the morning, save this for an after dinner treat, or better yet, when you get an intense craving for a cupcake or something decadent, pull this out of your fridge. This is chia puddiing on the bottom and an oatmeal layer on top.  Feel free to add fresh fruit to the top, especially what is in season.  Pretty soon berries will be in season, my most favorite day of the year!

Bottom layer:
1/4 cup of chia seeds
3/4 cup of light coconut milk
1 tbsp of maple syrup
2 tsp of vanilla extract

Top layer:
1/2 cup of rolled oats
1 cup of filtered water
2 tbsp of cacao or cocoa powder
4 soft medjool dates

Make your bottom layer the night before or at least an hour before consuming. In a bowl or mason jar, mix the coconut milk, chia seeds, maple syrup and vanilla extract together.  Mix until all the chia seeds are covered in milk and until the sweeteners are mixed well into the pudding. Let sit in the fridge overnight or for at least an hour; the chia seeds will soak up the milk, expand and become a thick pudding.

For the top layer, heat your oats and water in a small pot until the oats absorb most of the water. Mix in the cacao or cocoa powder and stir well. Scoop the chocolate oatmeal into your food processor and add the medjool dates (pit them first!).  Process on high until everything is blender.  Scoop the chocolate oat layer on top of your chia pudding layer and top with coconut flakes or fresh fruit. It's pretty awesome!

Notes: if maple syrup AND the vanilla extract make it too sweet, skip the maple syrup.  Use two dates instead of 4 to cut down on the sweetness.

One of my facebook page followers, Elisa Gray, wrote this passage in honor of vegan awareness and I thought it fitting to share today, this day of meatout and new beginnings.  I will leave you with these thoughts. What will inspire you to go vegan?

By Elisa Gray
I have a question and am very curious to find your answer. How would you feel if you had your child taken away from you without even a 'goodbye'? How would you feel if you were raped at a young age by the only people you knew? How would you feel if you sang to your unborn child for months and months, talked to them and loved them before they were even born only to have them snatched away because too many people didn't think you deserved to keep your child? How would you feel if you were being used and abused by people your entire life and when they had no more use for you, they simply threw you away like garbage. How would you feel knowing that you are smart and capable to love and care for a family and have a happy life, but you are never given a chance? Isn't it heartbreaking? If you knew something like this was going on, would you want it to stop? We as a people are letting all of this happen. This is happening to sweet and intelligent animals all the time. Why is it okay for this to happen to animals, but an outrage if it happens to humans? It is not necessary to eat the flesh of an animal when there are so many other delicious alternatives that even flesh eaters love. It is not necessary to eat the unborn children of hens because there are many substitutes. There is no such thing as a humane farm or a humane way of life for the animals we use like that. So my final question: What makes us feel like we are so much better than another living thing that we must destroy their entire lives for something we don't even need?


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