Beefless Tacos

MMM tacos!  I don't usually post faux meats because I cook from scratch and I try to limit my processed food consumption but this meal was so tasty.  Vegan isn't always convenient and to get the most out of this lifestyle, in my opinion, you need to learn how to cook. Faux meats are a great transition ingredient because they are pre-packaged, already seasoned and ready for you to make a meal out of them.  Is it processed? Yes.  It is as unhealthy as meat? No.  Do you want to limit your consumption of faux meats and cheeses? Probably.  Treat them as a cheat meal or have them no more than twice a week. You will still reap the benefits of the vegan diet if you eat the faux foods but, as with anything processed, you want to limit consumption.  With that being said, I urge you to try different faux meats and cheese because they are fun and delicious.  Vegan cheese on a pizza can satisfy your cheese craving. I will list some brands of cheese and meat at the end of this post so you can easily check them out. It warms my heart that there are companies out there dedicated to making faux meats and cheeses because they are bringing convenience to our lifestyle.  Explore this faux food option; you can mix up your meals during the week.  Eat whole, unprocessed foods 90% of the time; 10% indulge.

For these tacos, I bought corn taco shells, the faux beef is Trader Joe's brand and I put in beans and veggies.  Here's what I did:

1 package of beefless beef
1 carton of garbanzo beans
1/2 bag of organic spinach
4 cloves of black garlic (fermented, Trader Joe's has it)
A pinch of red pepper
A pinch of peppercorn
Taco shells

Spray a large, round skillet with coconut oil and add the beef and beans and heat slowly, stirring occasionally.  You can also add a little bit of water.  Keep stirring and keep the heat on low/medium. When the beef and beans are heated, add your spinach and keep stirring.  Add your spices and taste. There is no need to add salt. Depending on the taste, add more spices and keep stirring.  Once everything is heated (10-15 min), scoop the beef and beans into tacos shells and serve. 

Notes: buy non-GMO corn tacos if you can. If your beans come in a can, make sure it is a BPA free can. Buy your spinach organic. Add regular garlic or powdered garlic if you don't have fermented garlic.

This is a great meal to make when your family or friends are making real beef tacos. If you are the only vegan in your group of friends or in your family, you can make this faux meat in your own skillet and enjoy with your family. Your family may even taste it and like it!

Vegan cheese brands: 
Go Veggie (my fav for pizza)
Daiya (their slices are great for grilled cheese)
Vegan Gourmet by Follow Your Heart (great for mac and cheese)
Trader Joe's mozzarella cheese. There are other brands that I want to try.  Some cheese are soy based, some are almond milk based.

Vegan meat brands:
Trader Joe's faux meats
Beyond Meat
West Soy

I hope this makes it easier for you!  Contact me with any questions: