Happy Birthday to Me :)

It's T-3 1/2 hours until my birthday and I'm thinking about cupcakes-I've been thinking about them all week.  I have concentrated on cooking at home versus ordering takeout or eating out over the past couple weeks and I feel at peace. I feel at peace when I eat clean, cook with my own ingredients and listen to my body.  So, I've avoided stopping at my local bakery or grabbing a slice of vegan pizza because I can use that money to buy ingredients that will last me all week.

The best recipe for my birthday?  Cupcakes of course!  I originally made these with garbanzo bean flour but you can also use 2 cups of oat flour with 1/2 cup of garbanzo bean flour.  I love oat flour; it's simply rolled oats in your food processor.  I love everything about oats.

My mom is coming into town tomorrow and the rest of my family is coming Saturday-I'm so excited to see them.  I imagine tomorrow will be italian food at a restaurant in my neighborhood and a few bites of something sweet.  On Saturday, we are all going to see Wicked at the Gershwin theatre and then I'm going out with my friends Saturday night...we are going to dance the night away. Sunday will be an awesome NYC brunch.

I'm so grateful to be spending this birthday, my 36th year, living in NYC. It's been a long time coming and I'm grateful to be here. I'm so grateful for my family's help in getting me here, I'm grateful for my personal courage to do this and I'm so incredibly grateful to have found beautiful, loving friends.  I never thought that a yoga teacher training would yield such awesome friendships but it did. We are in for a wild ride, my yogi friends and I, no matter what we decide to do with our yoga training, we are going to SHINE!  I wake up everyday thinking how lucky I am to have met these women and to finally have a rockin, awesome birthday planned in NYC with my family and friends.

Be grateful for what you have.  Love yourself and everyone around you.  Love food, green smoothies and cupcakes.  Check out my cupcake recipe below.

Vanilla cupcakes with chocolate icing