Green Smoothie

I have not had time to properly write a post because I have so many things going this week but I want to share a green smoothie recipe. I am presently drinking it and thinking, making decisions and letting things take their course.

In this smoothie: juice from one lemon, two small oranges, one frozen banana, half of a stalk of romaine lettuce, one leaf of kale, and a big mason jar of lemon water, blended well. It's creamy and lemony flavored. This is so nourishing and healthy and our bodies crave greens. The kale that I have is so so green, so many vitamins and minerals contained in this green pigment, plants are so beautiful. This is organic kale from Whole Foods but if you have a local farmers market with pesticide free produce, definitely shop there!

I'll do a throwback Thursday post tomorrow! How is your week going?