Chocolate chocolate :)

So, I ran out of cocoa powder and have not had cacao powder in a while (I buy Navitas Naturals brand) and I can't wait to run out and get some more. So whenever I'm missing chocolate, I obsess over it. I was flashing back to my chocolate mousse pie that I made at Christmas and wishing I had a piece. This is a super healthy, whole ingredient pie that is sweet and great for taking to a special occasion...or who are we kidding, just making for yourself at home!

Chocolate....I also miss my easy chocolate shake as I stare at the lone frozen banana in my freezer. Frozen banana, cacao powder, milk, some ice, oh yeah!  Chocolate oats....I could just go on and on.

So, in the spirit of chocolate and all of its goodness and health benefits, I'm doing a throwback Thursday post with my chocolate pie recipe