Weekend Recap and My Green Smoothie Recipe

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! Aside from the rain, my weekend was so nice.  Today was all about vegan bakeries and vegan shoes!  I finally visited Mooshoes, the vegan shoe store on the Lower East Side in Manhattan.

I checked out their website beforehand so I knew exactly which boots I wanted.  While I was in there, the little kitten that lives in the store jumped all over me, wanting me to pet and hold her.  Unfortunately, I'm super allergic to cats but it was worth it; it was fun trying on shoes with a little kitten chasing my shoe laces!

My new leather-free boots
Before I arrived at Mooshoes, I went to Tulu's Bakery in the East Village.  It's a gluten-free, vegan bakery that I found on Instagram.  I ordered a cupcake, a cookie and a brownie so you can imagine that everything was delish. Tulu's also sells non vegan items as well.  Check out Tulu's Bakery on E. 11th street in the East Village.

Top: vanilla cupcake bottom: agave brownie and chocolate chip cookie
After all this talk about baked goods, I'm hitting the ground running and going back on Raw til 4 until Christmas.  I went to Trader Joe's on Saturday and bought a ton of fruit and veggies so get ready for smoothies galore.  My first smoothie for Monday morning is my green smoothie.  Check out my recipe below:

A handful of spinach
Juice from 1 lemon
1 pear
5 slices of cucumber
1/2 avocado
1 frozen banana
1 apple
A handful of romaine lettuce
2 cups of coconut water

Blend everything in your high speed blender....I love my Ninja!  This smoothie tastes sweet and is filled with a crazy amount of vitamins and minerals; it is a very enjoyable smoothie and with as many greens as it has in it, it's not a bad idea to have this everyday if you can.  Buy the cucumber, apple, pear, romaine and spinach organic; you can buy conventional bananas, lemons and avocados to save money.

Have you liked me on facebook yet?  What about instagram?  What is your favorite smoothie?  Stay tuned for two more new recipes this week!