Baked Sweet Potato

I bought sweet potatoes at Trader Joe's the other day since I've been dreaming of baked potato fries. I made these without oil or salt and they still turned out awesome. Doing well with raw til 4, I especially love dinners. Aside from baking these potatoes, you can steam them and dress them up with spices.
Cut up a large sweet potato into bite sized pieces. Arrange the pieces on a no stick baking sheet, keeping the potato pieces close to one another. Sprinkle paprika, a tiny bit of red pepper and garlic on top and bake at 375 degrees for 45 minutes.
Transfer the potato pieces to a plate and eat like you would fries. These are so delicious and tasty, the spices make you forget that they are oil and salt free.
I ate these as a side to a pasta dish I made with a persimmons sauce, recipe is in one of my previous posts from this week.
Have a fabulous weekend! Yesterday it's only 2 weeks until Christmas which means we only have two more weeks until our meditation challenge is over. Check out my Facebook page for meditation updates along with other health and wellness updates.