Vegetable Rice Wrappers

I had the yummiest dinner last night.  For me, you can't go wrong with any asian dishes.  I love sushi, spring rolls, dumplings, rice dishes, such savory food!  I finally mastered how to make sushi (previous post) but since I had limited time last night, I decided to make veggie rice wrappers.  I buy spring roll wrappers, moisten them in water and fill them with veggies.  It's so easy and filling and you can eat a ton of them.

I usually buy the large spring roll wrappers but last night I used the smaller size-you can purchase them in any health food store.  They are stiff, round circles of rice that become pliable when you immerse them in warm water.  This is when you can stuff them with just about anything-tofu, sweet potato, steamed spinach or kale, avocado...the possibilities are endless!

I filled my wrappers with steamed sweet potato and spinach, sprinkled on some nutritional yeast and topped them with a squirt of dijon mustard (currently obsessed with this mustard). I ate them with chopsticks and could go to bed relatively soon after without feeling bloated and full. Your body knows when you're giving it good food.

What you will need:
A package of spring roll wrappers
Veggies of your choice, steamed, sauteed, ready to go
Nutritional yeast
Dijon mustard or umeboshi paste for dipping

Follow the directions on the spring roll wrapper package but I dip my spring roll wrappers one by one in warm water, wait for them to become soft then take then out of the water, shake the water off a little them lay then on a plate. Once they dry they get sticky and they will stick to one another so use a big plate. Put veggies on top of the wrapper, sprinkle the nutritional yeast on top of the veggies then wrap them up around the veggies. Top with your fav toppings. If you use soy sauce, get organic and alcohol free.

Do this until your veggies are all wrapped in the spring roll wrappers. If I was a frying expert, this would be when I would fry them to get the  spring rolls you buy in restaurants but I know very little about frying. Eating the spring roll wrappers without frying them is healthier and easier on your digestion.

Eat with chopsticks and enjoy the different flavors. You can spice up your veggies as much as you want. Fill your spring roll wrappers with the veggies you would eat in a sushi roll; it's still rice around veggies, just a different form of rice.

You can serve these as appetizers at a party or just go to town all by yourself. If you buy the small wrappers, there are quite a bit in a serving size so you can indulge and not feel guilty.
What is your favorite Asian dish?