My Upcoming Selfcare Workshop and a Recipe

Hello beautiful people! Hope you had a fabulous weekend and are relaxed heading into a crisp fall Monday! I had a fabulous weekend with my Philly friends. We went to the Met and the Museum of Natural History, we had an awesome Mediterranean dinner on Saturday night of falafels, hummus, Greek salad, stuffed grape leaves and more. It's always nice having my friends and family visit.
I'm conducting my first health and wellness workshop with my fellow yogi, Michele. Michele and I met during yoga teacher training over the summer and she was one of the first yogis to welcome me to New York City. Michele is a licensed marriage and family therapist and is also a certified yinyasa yoga teacher. We are presenting a self care workshop later this month to help you stay calm and in tune with your body this holiday season and beyond.

Our workshop is going to be at The Yoga Collective on W. 29th st in Manhattan. It's a beautiful yoga studio where Michele and I will teach you some basic yoga and meditation. We will give you tips for self care, ways to destress, talk a little about the signs of depression and anxiety, and give you samples of delicious plant based smoothies and food. It will be a fun, interactive two hours and for just $40, you can go into the holiday season with a good plan to relax and enjoy life.
Michele and I want to present this workshop so we can introduce ourselves to you, tell you what our businesses are about and teach you a few techniques to leave you feeling your best. We will also have our business cards so you know how to reach us if you need further services.

Click here to buy tickets and to see directions to The Yoga Collective.

Meatless Monday recipe: rice spaghetti and tofu with peanut sauce.

2 tbsp of smooth peanut butter
2 gloves of fresh garlic
A small piece of fresh ginger
A pinch of sea salt
1 tbsp of filtered water
A wedge of fresh lemon juice

Combine all ingredients in your food processor and process on high.

Boil water for rice pasta according to the package and cook al dente. Cut up a serving of tofu into cubes.

Drain the pasta and transfer to a plate. Toss in the tofu and pour the peanut sauce over the pasta and tofu. Feel free to add any other veggies you wish.