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How To Make Oat Milk

My most favorite milk to make is date sweetened almond milk (recipe is in my ebook).  But a faster and little less expensive way to make milk is from oats.  It's also less time consuming and you need fewer props.

It's so wonderful making your own plant based milk-you can control the ingredients that are in it, you can sweeten it the way you want and you can avoid worrying about additives in store bought milk. Dates are a great sweetener for homemade milk-you can soak them so it's easier for them to blend. I'm making this oat milk unsweetened but keep in mind that dates are a great natural milk sweetener.

To make this milk, you will need only a few things:

2-4 cups of rolled oats
A high speed blender
A large strainer
A pouring bowl
A mason jar to store the milk

Soaked Oats, rinsed 

Soak your oats anywhere from 20 minutes to a few hours in filtered water.  When you are ready to make your milk, rinse them well and transfer all or some of them to your blender.  Fill your blender with enough filtered water to just cover the oats.  Blend on high for about one minute.  Add any sweetener if you are doing this (if you're using dates, pit and soak about 6-8 dates and then add them to your blender).

Once you're finished blending the oats and water, pour the oat milk out of your blender and into your pouring bowl using a strainer.  Move the oat pulp around so all the milk collects in your bowl.   Keep pouring out your oat milk and straining it into your pouring bowl until all the milk is out of your blender.

Blended oats and water
Straining the milk into a pouring bowl

Transfer the oat pulp to another bowl- you can eat it as is or sweeten it and eat it like you would overnight oats.  Once all the oat milk is out of your blender and strained in your pouring bowl, transfer the milk to a mason jar for storing. It will keep in the fridge for about 3-5 days.

Oat Pulp
After I made the oat milk, I made a smoothie.  I bought fresh organic spinach at the Union Square farmers market on Saturday and I wanted to use it in a smoothie.  This is a chocolate spinach smoothie recipe using the oat milk...yum yum!

3/4 cups of oat milk
2 tbsp of raw cacao powder
A handful of fresh spinach
2 tbsp of maple syrup
1 frozen banana

Combine all the ingredients in your blender and blend on high.  It tastes like chocolate and you would never know spinach is involved.  Enjoy!


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