Cacao Oat Pom Poms

Tonight my friend Michele and I had our first workshop of many workshops yet to come.  We talked about healthy eating, managing cravings, self care tips and Michele taught some yoga poses and I taught meditation.  We also gave out gift bags and served vegan sweets.

I am so happy that I put myself out there; it's difficult starting a business, it takes alot of courage and determination when self doubt and fear is everwhere. You learn as you go and you take note for next time.  It's challenging and so exciting and I'm so lucky to be starting my business in the greatest city in the world!

New Yorkers, stay tuned for another workshop in January.  I'll be sending out invitations on my facebook page, did you like it yet?
This recipe is the dessert I made for the workshop.  Cacao Oat Pom easy and perfect for the holidays.  You can whip them up in your food processor in under 10 minutes and freeze or refrigerate them.  They are sweet and naturally healthy with no processed sugar. They are also gluten free.

Cacao Oat Pom Poms
1/2 cup of rolled oats
2.5 tbsp of cacao powder
10-15 medjool dates, pitted
1/4 cup of maple syrup

Add all the ingredients to your food processor and process on high.  Scoop out the batter and shape into balls. Freeze or refrigerate.  Serve for dessert.  Makes about 10-15 pom poms depending on how big you make them.
Love these!!  What is your favorite dessert to bring to the holiday table?